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Taking Time is a Sign of Respect

In our business presentation workshops, we sometimes do an exercise in which we stretch the length of a pause—way beyond what would ever be comfortable or necessary—in order to show our learners...
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First, Build Trust With a Solid Frame

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy is quoted in an interesting short piece at businessinsider.com. She says that radiating a sense of trustworthiness and warmth is actually more important...
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Fewer Slides ≠ More Efficient Presentation

Among many of our learners, there is a persistent belief that the number of slides in one’s presentation is somehow related to the amount of time the presentation will take. While there is some...
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No Acting Please: 3 Key Ways To Be An Effective Presenter Without “Performing”

Any number of books and articles about business presentations focus on skills and outcomes that really belong to the world of theater. Such resources may tell you that you need to be entertaining,...
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It’s Not That You Made a Mistake, It’s How You Recover

Recently, I had an opportunity to observe Greg coaching a very Type-A businessperson. In her one-on-one session, the question arose of how to deal with mistakes. During her in-class presentation...
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Barbara Egel

Barbara Egel is an experienced trainer and presenter who has worked in a variety of fields from qualitative consumer research to children’s multimedia publishing. In each of her roles, Barbara has specialized in helping people get comfortable in situations that, at least at first, are uncomfortable. This includes helping fiction writers get comfortable with writing code, and enabling marketers and product developers to talk directly with their customers. Most recently, Barbara was Vice President at Primary Insights, Inc., a boutique qualitative research consultancy. At Turpin Communication, Barbara is a workshop coach and account manager and was the developmental editor of "The Orderly Conversation." She has degrees from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University.
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Recent Posts

1 min read
FAQs - Aug 19, 2015

4 Reasons to Break Annoying Presentation Habits BEFORE You Present

Often, our learners walk into Turpin workshops expecting to focus on the little habits that are hard to break: saying “um,” “uh,” “like,” or “you know” too much; using uptalk (that habit that makes every statement sound like a...
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2 min read
Preparation - Aug 7, 2015

When You Didn’t Make the Slides You’re Delivering

Sometimes in workshops, we discover that our learners are working with slides or whole decks they didn’t create, and some of these slides are not only unnatural to deliver but also confusing in their layout, organization, or...
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2 min read
Managing Nerves - May 6, 2015

Obligatory Sports Metaphor Blog Post

As I’ve been coaching both new and seasoned business presenters, two particular athletic analogies have proven really useful. (Full disclosure: I know stuff about sports, but it’s hardly my pastime of choice.) See if these...
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2 min read
Preparation - Feb 11, 2015

Level Up

It’s pretty close to impossible to get all the way to your first real job without hearing the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” What people usually mean by it is look professional—like management—even...
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2 min read
Introduction - Nov 20, 2014

Success ≠ Perfection

"I want my presentation to be perfect." This is something we hear from our course participants now and then, and I reckon more people think it than actually say it. Most of the time, when people talk about a "perfect"...
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