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Three Must-Haves For Running Fruitful Business Meetings

Whenever you’re delivering a presentation or running a meeting, one of your primary responsibilities is to facilitate the discussion that takes place during it. After all, if your meetings or...
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Presentation Skills Training: REDEFINED.

Academic public speaking vs. business presentations
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The Orderly Conversation Defined

One of the most important things for business communicators to understand is the distinction between a speech and a presentation. They are not the same.
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Getting Presentations Started: How to set context and manage nervousness

Many presenters ask us about the best way to get their presentations started. They say that once the conversation gets going, they’re fine. But getting through the opening is always uncomfortable....
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4 Ways to Progress from a Trainer to a "Thinking Coach"

If you are a trainer or a SME who delivers training, one of your major responsibilities, and possibly one of your major challenges, is knowing how to use the conversation that takes place during...
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Dale Ludwig

Dale Ludwig has a Ph.D. in Communication and, prior to Turpin, taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He founded Turpin Communication in 1992 with the mission to provide the best presentation and facilitation skills training possible. Since then he has worked to do just that. In addition to being one of Turpin’s lead instructors, he also serves as our Chief Learning Architect when tailoring learning engagements for our clients. Dale is a frequent blogger and the co-author of the book "The Orderly Conversation: Business Presentations Redefined." He’s excited about his latest book, also co-authored with Greg Owen-Boger, "Effective SMEs: A Trainer’s Guide to Helping Subject Matter Experts Facilitate Learning."
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3 min read
Leadership & Executive Presence - Aug 29, 2017

25 Lessons Over 25 Years

Turpin’s twenty-fifth anniversary is this week. That’s an exciting and satisfying thing for me to think about. Strangely, I’m writing this at the office (I usually write at home) on the old library table that was my desk 25...
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2 min read
Facilitation - Aug 22, 2017

What we wish everyone knew about meeting behavior

In previous blogs I’ve written about the need for meeting facilitators to initiate and manage the conversation that takes place during meetings and about how team presentations bring special challenges. This post is about the...
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2 min read
Facilitation - Jul 31, 2017

What everyone ought to know about delivering team presentations

I’ve written a lot about how important it is for presenters to initiate and manage a genuine conversation with their audiences. How it’s the presenter’s responsibility to focus on making listening and understanding easy for...
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1 min read
Leadership & Executive Presence - Jul 6, 2017

8 Tried-and-True Steps to Building Trust

When we wrote about Turpin’s culture last fall, we had no idea who it might lead us to. As friends do, they lead you to their friends, and the next thing you know, you’re being interviewed for an article in Success Magazine!
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2 min read
Leadership & Executive Presence - Jun 28, 2017

Communicate Like a Leader

Communication is an Essential Leadership Skill I recently watched a TED talk by Simon Sinek called “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.” His talk motivated me to buy his latest book, Leaders Eat Last. In both the talk and the...
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