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Three Must-Haves For Running Fruitful Business Meetings

Whenever you’re delivering a presentation or running a meeting, one of your primary responsibilities is to facilitate the discussion that takes place during it. After all, if your meetings or...
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Featured Delivery

What We Wish Everyone Knew About Storytelling

There’s no debate about the power of storytelling. Stories persuade and inspire. They paint a compelling picture in the mind’s eye. They bring complex data to life. They build trust and...
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Communication is an Essential Leadership Skill

Praise for All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence
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Featured Visual Aids

Develop Your PowerPoint Like a Pro Without Hard, Fast Rules

People often ask us about the rules for PowerPoint. Some examples include, “What’s the rule for … the number of bullets on a slide?” the number of words per bullet?” the number of slides a...
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Featured Presentation

Presenting Information Persuasively

How to be persuasive when presenting data
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6 min read
Presentation - Mar 4, 2019

Presentation Skills Training: REDEFINED.

Academic public speaking vs. business presentations
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Preparation - Mar 4, 2019

The Orderly Conversation Defined

One of the most important things for business communicators to understand is the distinction between a speech and a presentation. They are not the same.
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Preparation - Feb 20, 2019

Don’t Overlook these Steps when Preparing Your Presentation

For some presenters, preparation is all about collecting data and turning it into PowerPoint slides. There’s more to effective, efficient preparation than that, though. It’s not that you won’t use slides. It’s that by creating...
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Managing Nerves - Feb 20, 2019

Getting Presentations Started: How to set context and manage nervousness

Many presenters ask us about the best way to get their presentations started. They say that once the conversation gets going, they’re fine. But getting through the opening is always uncomfortable. This is a tough issue for us...
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4 min read
Facilitation - Feb 20, 2019

Business Communication in a Virtual World

During every communication workshop we deliver, whether it’s for presenters, facilitators, or trainers, there’s one frustration we hear repeatedly. No one likes to conduct business virtually. Neither do I.
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