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Is it Time to Wrangle Your Team’s Life-sucking Meetings?

Over the weekend I was having coffee on the deck with our friends, Paul and Olive. We were discussing the week ahead.
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“I Hate Dry Runs” (How To Make Training Prep Less Torturous)

Recently we were working with a group of trainers in a facilitation skills training workshop. During a conversation about how they preferred to prepare, one of them, we’ll call him Steve, said, “I...
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Eye Contact and Pausing… Is That All You Got?!

Some time back, Dale and I were the guest speakers on a webinar. The topic was about how we’ve redefined business presentations as Orderly Conversations. We were talking about the use of eye...
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Successful Presenters Engage People in a Conversation

As a presenter, when you are engaged in the conversation, you are connected to your thoughts and externally focused on the people you are speaking with.
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Throw Out the Ground Rules: 5 Things Learners Want Us to Know

  Have you ever attended a training event at work that began with the trainer delivering a set of ground rules for the class? If the answer is yes, the rules probably sounded like this.
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News - May 16, 2016

Dale Ludwig Receives Training Industry's Readership Award!

Congratulations to Dale Ludwig, Turpin Communication's Founder and President, for winning the Training Industry Readership Award at the Training Industry Conference & Expo in Raleigh, NC on May 10, 2016! The award is for his...
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Facilitation - Apr 18, 2016

For Leaders Who Expect Better Communication from Employees: 5 Ways to Achieve It

As a leader, you expect your employees’ business communication to be effective and efficient. But is it?
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Presentation - Mar 22, 2016

Taking Time is a Sign of Respect

In our business presentation workshops, we sometimes do an exercise in which we stretch the length of a pause—way beyond what would ever be comfortable or necessary—in order to show our learners how pausing helps eliminate a...
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News - Jan 11, 2016

Dale Ludwig Makes Training Industry’s Top 10 Articles of 2015!

Wow! An article written by Dale Ludwig, Turpin Communication’s President and Founder, has been listed in Training Industry’s Top 10 Articles of 2015! The Top 10 list highlights the most-read articles of the year at Training...
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Meetings - Dec 14, 2015

Information overload: How to avoid it when presenting to leadership

You’re a detail-oriented person working in a highly technical position. You probably wonder how much detail you should go into when presenting to managers and leaders. You may even have been asked not to go into information...
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