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TRUST: It’s Yours to Lose

Earlier this week I was coaching a senior executive on a very high-stakes presentation. He told me he wanted to be perceived as trustworthy. Setting trustworthiness as a goal is common among our...
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Practicing Is NOT the Way to Go

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of writing. The winter months are always a good time for that. My writing project is a book for business presenters. It began as a simple update and...
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The BEST Way to Start a Presentation

QUESTION: According to most public speaking experts, the first 30 seconds of a speech are extremely crucial for the success of a presentation. So, what’s the best way to start a presentation?
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Successful Presenting Starts with Understanding Your Default Approach

One thing that sets Turpin apart from other presentation skills training companies is that we think of presentations as Orderly Conversations, because they share characteristics with both writing and...
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Featured Managing Nerves

Find your focus. Be yourself. Only better.

A few years ago I wrote this paragraph for the Reference Guide we distribute to all the participants in our Presentation Skills workshops:
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