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Throw Out the Ground Rules: 5 Things Learners Want Us to Know

  Have you ever attended a training event at work that began with the trainer delivering a set of ground rules for the class? If the answer is yes, the rules probably sounded like this.
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Lecture is not a four-letter word: 3 ways to succeed when you’re doing the talking

I had a conversation over the backyard fence with one of my neighbors a couple days ago. She was home for the weekend after her first two weeks of college. The conversation focused on the campus,...
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When You Didn’t Make the Slides You’re Delivering

Sometimes in workshops, we discover that our learners are working with slides or whole decks they didn’t create, and some of these slides are not only unnatural to deliver but also confusing in...
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Training Activities: A Waste of Time or Necessary Part of Learning?

I recently attended (and spoke at) the Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference in Orlando. I overheard this conversation, one trainer to another:
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Most of what I know about learning and development, I learned from 10th graders

I often make the comment in workshops—especially when the class is for internal trainers or SMEs preparing to lead their own workshops—that the best teacher-training I ever received occurred at my...
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Facilitation - Sep 2, 2014

4 Ways to Avoid Being a Soul-crushing Facilitator

Over the weekend I was reminded yet again of how poorly people understand the art of facilitating group discussions. BackstoryI participated in a meeting made up of leaders of various professional organizations in Chicago. Our...
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Facilitation - Nov 4, 2010

Hands on Hips -- OK or Not?

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