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4 Reasons to Break Annoying Presentation Habits BEFORE You Present

Often, our learners walk into Turpin workshops expecting to focus on the little habits that are hard to break: saying “um,” “uh,” “like,” or “you know” too much; using uptalk (that habit that...
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Obligatory Sports Metaphor Blog Post

As I’ve been coaching both new and seasoned business presenters, two particular athletic analogies have proven really useful. (Full disclosure: I know stuff about sports, but it’s hardly my...
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Feeling a Little Silly at the Front of the Room? Three Very Serious Ideas About Enthusiasm

Some time ago, I was delivering a workshop for a group of soon-to-be trainers. Each of them was a subject matter expert (SME), and they were preparing to deliver training to groups of people...
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Three New Guiding Principles for Business Presenters

I was asked to write an exclusive for PresentationXpert.com, an online magazine devoted to helping people take their presentation skills to the next level. Here’s how they describe their mission:
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Keep these 3 things in mind when using PowerPoint in informal settings

Here’s a question I found intriguing on LinkedIn. It’s from a woman named Alexis.
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Facilitation - Mar 5, 2015

Most of what I know about learning and development, I learned from 10th graders

I often make the comment in workshops—especially when the class is for internal trainers or SMEs preparing to lead their own workshops—that the best teacher-training I ever received occurred at my first job, the three years I...
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Preparation - Feb 11, 2015

Level Up

It’s pretty close to impossible to get all the way to your first real job without hearing the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” What people usually mean by it is look professional—like management—even...
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Facilitation - Feb 3, 2015

Three Smart Strategies for Conducting Meetings People Won’t Hate

I listened to a really interesting NPR story last week about workday meetings. It said that, “the average American office worker spends more than nine hours of every week preparing for, or attending, project update meetings.”...
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Introduction - Nov 20, 2014

Success ≠ Perfection

"I want my presentation to be perfect." This is something we hear from our course participants now and then, and I reckon more people think it than actually say it. Most of the time, when people talk about a "perfect"...
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Infographics - Oct 7, 2014

9 Habits of Highly Effective Business Presenters

This infographic on the 9 Habits of Highly Effective Business Presenters was inspired by an article on this blog a few months ago. That article was inspired by a post by a fan of Turpin Communication. Enjoy.
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