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The Orderly Conversation: 4 Ways to Make Presenting to Leadership Easier

As talent development professionals, it’s essential for us to communicate effectively both inside and outside the training room. Our success and reputation depend on it. Too often—especially when...
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1 Website, 2 Interviews in India about The Orderly Conversation

The Orderly Conversation is getting around. This time it’s in India where an online publication, Indezine, has interviewed co-authors Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger about the book and the writing...
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No Acting Please: 3 Key Ways To Be An Effective Presenter Without “Performing”

Any number of books and articles about business presentations focus on skills and outcomes that really belong to the world of theater. Such resources may tell you that you need to be entertaining,...
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What we wish everyone knew about presentation anxiety

Last week I was working with a nervous workshop participant. Let’s call him Nate. Nate said that his biggest concern when presenting was nervousness. “What sort of nervousness is it?” I asked...
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It’s Not That You Made a Mistake, It’s How You Recover

Recently, I had an opportunity to observe Greg coaching a very Type-A businessperson. In her one-on-one session, the question arose of how to deal with mistakes. During her in-class presentation...
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FAQs - Aug 19, 2015

4 Reasons to Break Annoying Presentation Habits BEFORE You Present

Often, our learners walk into Turpin workshops expecting to focus on the little habits that are hard to break: saying “um,” “uh,” “like,” or “you know” too much; using uptalk (that habit that makes every statement sound like a...
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Preparation - Aug 7, 2015

When You Didn’t Make the Slides You’re Delivering

Sometimes in workshops, we discover that our learners are working with slides or whole decks they didn’t create, and some of these slides are not only unnatural to deliver but also confusing in their layout, organization, or...
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News - Apr 1, 2015

Another 5-Star Review for “The Orderly Conversation” at Portland Book Review

Review originally posted at the Portland Book Review
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Meetings - Mar 18, 2015

Three New Guiding Principles for Business Presenters

I was asked to write an exclusive for PresentationXpert.com, an online magazine devoted to helping people take their presentation skills to the next level. Here’s how they describe their mission:
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Introduction - Mar 11, 2015

Keep these 3 things in mind when using PowerPoint in informal settings

Here’s a question I found intriguing on LinkedIn. It’s from a woman named Alexis.
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